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My Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio! I'm so glad you're here. Here you’ll find a selection of my work. Explore my projects to learn more about what I do.

KITEWorks Article

Written as a part of my graduate program, our class partnered with the University Health Network to create the 1st KITEworks Magazine. I wrote the first article, “KITE’s Soaring to Make a Difference.

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Content Migration Plan

I had the opportunity to go to a drive-in movie theatre while visiting my best friend, and when I was buying tickets online I came across their website. I knew I had to complete a content migration plan as a part of a school assignment and was inspired. This is the final product, the first draft of the plan to upgrade the Starlite Drive-In Theatre's website.


eLearning course: Understanding the Cult Dynamic

Written as a part of my communications degree, I was tasked with creating my own eLearning course. I decided to focus on understanding cults and the cultic dynamic, using information from the International Cultic Studies Association.


Michener Profile: David Singleton

During my internship at the communications department at the Michener Institute of Education, I had the opportunity to speak to David Singleton to write a short profile on his career in the healthcare field. He is a Michener alum, and currently works as the Diagnostic Imaging Manager at Scarborough General Hospital.


The Great Zoom-Bombing Scandal of 2020

Written as a part of my communications degree, I wrote a case study exploring the troubling incidents of "Zoom-Bombing" that occurred in early 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. 

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