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My Portfolio

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Press Release

Written for a school assignment, this press release details a Halloween party put on by The 519 Older LGBT2S Adults Program. 


Blog Post

A guide to bonding with your bunny featuring my rabbit, Hazel the Holland Lop. 

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After an unusual dinner party, Lina soon realizes that everything is not what it seems.


Marketing Email

A marketing email written for school for The Aftermath Foundation that would be a part of an ongoing series called Testimonial Tuesdays.

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Blog Post

A short blog post about what procrastination has taught me about self-doubt. 


"The Girls Mercy Forgot"

A small town deals with the aftermath of a serial killer.

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Social Media Audit

An assignment for school, I completed a social media audit for the monthly subscription box, Happy Bunny Club.


Content Calendar & Strategy

Completed as a group project, I took on the role of digital strategist and helped to create the social media strategy.

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"KITE's Soaring to Make a Difference"

Written as a part of my graduate program, our class partnered with the University Health Network to create the 1st KITEworks Magazine. I wrote the first article, “KITE’s Soaring to Make a Difference.”


eLearning Course

In this course, you will learn to identify elements of a cult/high-control group, understand the impact of cult involvement on a member, and examine the impact of leaving a cultic group. The course will take approximately 20 minutes.

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