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Content Migration Plan

I had the opportunity to go to a drive-in movie theatre while visiting my best friend, and when I was buying tickets online I came across their website. I knew I had to complete a content migration plan as a part of a school assignment and was inspired. This is the final product, the first draft of the plan to upgrade the Starlite Drive-In Theatre's website.

*This was completed as a part of a school project, I am NOT in any way affiliated with Premier Theatres.

Project Plan

Client: Premier Theatres / Starlite Drive In Theatre

Project Name: Website Upgrade

Project Manager: Chiara Suppa Smith

Synopsis: Initial plan to upgrade the Starlite Drive In Threatre's website.

Version: Draft V0.1

Issue Date: February 19, 2022

1. Introduction

1.1 Document Purpose

The purpose of this document is to outline the plan to perform a content migration for the Starlite Drive In Theatre’s website. As mentioned in our initial client consultation, Premier Theatres is looking to update their current website for the Starlite to a more modern look while still holding onto its retro aesthetic. Premier Theatres also wants the Starlite to have its own domain and to upgrade its current ticket-selling and pre-order food eCommerce store system.  

2. Project Scope

2.1 Outline of Objectives


2.1.1 Objectives

The goal of this project is to deliver an updated website that fits with the agreed upon “modern-retro” theme. The website should also be delivered in time for the Starlite’s seasonal reopening in March.

2.1.2 Success Criteria

The success of the project will be measured by the delivery of the final update of the website under its own domain:



Premier Theatres needs this done by mid-March, in time for the seasonal reopening. Success for the project will also be measured by a noted increase in website traffic and online sales.


2.1.3 Risks

The main risk of this project is unavailability of one of the above-named domains. The other risk is not completing the project in a timely manner.

3. Project Approach

3.1 Project Lifecycle Approach

The overall approach for this project will be split into three phases. Phase 1 will involve editing and combining content, purchasing a domain, and analyzing the data analytics of the current website. Phase 2 will involve updating the website to match the modern-retro theme and incorporating an upgraded eStore and ticket-sales system. Phase 3 will involve presenting the completed website to Premier Theatres.


We have allotted approximately 1 month for this project but hope to complete it earlier.

3.2 Organization

3.2.1 Project Team

Project Manager:

  • The Project Manager will serve as a bridge between the content migration team and Premier Theatres.


Web Designers Team:

  • The web designers are responsible for editing and combining content and updating the layout and graphic design of the website to match the modern-retro theme.


Web Developers Team:

  • The web developers are responsible for purchasing a new domain name, analyzing the website’s current trends, and incorporating an updated eStore and ticket sales system.

4. Communications Plan

Web Designer Team - Project Manager

Phase 1:

  1. Keep in regular contact about combined and edited content.

Phase 2:

  1. Keep in regular contact about updating web design.


Web Developer Team - Project Manager

Phase 1:

  1. Keep PM updated on domain purchase.

  2. Communicate the current website trends and possible metrics of success.

Phase 2:

  1. Keep PM update on eStore.


Web Developer Team - Web Designer Team

Phase 2:

  1. Work together to incorporate new design into eStore.


Content Management - Premier Theatres

Phase 3:

  1. Present final updated website.

5 Work Plan

5.1 Work Breakdown

Purchasing a new domain:

  • To be completed by the web developers’ team.


The Starlite does not have its own domain name, separate from parent company Premier Theatres. Currently, the website domain is Premier Theatres has suggested or


Content management:

  • To be completed by the web designer team.

  • *our suggestions and Premier Theatres guidelines


The Starlite has way too many page headings and a lot of unnecessary information. The site should be focused on displaying only important information such as movie times, ticket prices and food information.


Currently the “ticket prices” page and “buy tickets” page are separate. Combining these two pages will make the site easier to navigate and will allow for customers to purchase tickets on the same page they can find pricing information.  


Delete the “All Theatres” page and replace it with an “About Us” where we can outline the history of the Starlite and all of the other drive-in theatres under the Premier Theatres brand.


The website has a page heading that leads directly to some sort of online magazine called Studioscoop. It is unclear (as an outsider) what this magazine is, and who is behind it. The Studioscoop heading should bring the user to a landing page explaining what it is, and then a link to the magazine.


The “Corporate” page links directly to Premier Theatres’ website. This does not need to be a page heading. The “Corporate” page should be deleted and added to the website information at the bottom of the screen (including business hours, location and contact information).


Graphic design:

  • To be completed by the web designer team.


The site looks very outdated and tacky. The new theme of the website is modern-retro, and we should find a suitable website template to match. The web designer team needs to come up with a colour palette and find a more suitable font. The Starlite’s logo is blue and yellowish-green, that would be a good place to begin. The bright red needs to be changed immediately.


Layout & eCommerce:

  • To be completed by the web developers team (eCommerce) and web designers team (layout).


The website currently advertises the option to allow customers to pre-order their drive-in snacks online, however the plugin doesn’t work. The web developers team should work to fix this. This team should also work on changing the information on the call to action. The bright “Purchase Gift Card” should say something about buying tickets. The web designers should work to change the overall layout of the website.

6.  Milestones


Note:  * against milestone indicates a payment milestone.

7. Performance and Metrics

In line with project goals of increased website traffic and ticket sales, the web developers’ team will be responsible for analyzing the data. Important data points to focus on are:

  • Traffic

  • New vs. Returning Visitors

  • Bounce Rate

  • Increased Conversion Rate


Other metrics for success is the completion of the upgraded website.

8. Risks and Assumptions

8.1 Assumptions

The main risk of this project is the unavailability of one of the above-named domains. The other risk is not completing the project in a timely manner.

8.2 Assumptions

This plan assumes that Premier Theatres agrees to all the associated costs of purchasing a new domain name.  

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