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Introducing a new furry friend - especially a new bunny - to your household can be challenging. Bunnies are not like cats and dogs in that they will immediately become attached to you. Building trust and bonding with your bunny will take time, so be patient! Here are some simple tips to help you bond with your furry friend.

  1. Create a comfortable space for your bunny that is theirs. 

Dedicating a space for your bunny is so important. Bunnies need a spot of their own to kick back and relax, too! 


This is my bunny Hazel in her ‘bunny condo’ that my Dad built her out of scrap wood for Christmas. She loves relaxing here at the end of a long day hopping around and begging for treats! 

    2. Always interact with them! 

 Bunnies are social creatures - they need social interaction just like us humans. If you always keep your bunny locked away, they will never get the chance to know you or trust you as ‘their human.’ They won’t get to know the sound of your voice or get used to your scent.


Bunnies are prey creatures. Most of them hate to be picked up, but most (if not all) bunnies love physical affection. Bunnies love petting, nuzzling and snuggling with their human. Getting down on their level is a great way to interact with them! 


    3. Sharing food.

If your bun is anything like mine, then you’ll know that bunnies are very food-motivated. My Hazel spends at least 50% of her day waiting by the fridge for someone to give her treats. One of Hazel’s favourite treats are bananas, but she’ll eat anything! 


This is Hazel enjoying the treats she got in December's box!

Bunnies love fresh fruit, veggies and just about anything. Sharing food with your bunny is a fun and nutritious way to bond. 

    4. Play with toys together.

Bunnies can be playful and energetic. Find out the kind of toys your bunny likes to play with, and enjoy endless hours of fun together. 


Bunnies enjoy playing with toys such as: stacking cups, plastic baby keys, wood blocks, slinky’s, balls, etc. 

 Bunnies are intelligent creatures with unique personalities. It’ll take time to get to know your bunny, to learn their likes and dislikes, and to understand what makes them comfortable and what frightens them. But once you truly get to know your bunny, the payoff is so rewarding. Bunnies are lovable creatures, who can become a welcome addition to the family.

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